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OMG Real Life RP!

Your most screwed up nightmares about yourself come alive

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The most unusual events in existence have a tendency to result from simple, harmless things. In this case, it started with an anime DVD. A regular anime DVD, changed in just one minor detail... inside the box is a letter. Inside the letter are two items. The first is a letter detailing that by purchasing this DVD within an alloted time, the purchaser has won a competition and will receive a free trip, all expenses paid, to an anime convention. The second item is a plane ticket there...

Of course, all competitions usually have catches. Despite everything, however, nothing on the piece of paper details a cost of any form. The plane ticket is legitimate. You, the purchaser of one of the DVDs, is now en route to the anime convention. You're not the only one... but you're among the only ones. For when you arrive, the entire anime convention is running completely, except for one thing. It's lacking any people whatsoever, other than you and the other competition winners.

And then things get weird...


This is a LiveJournal RP created and run by Jake Delfeir. The rules are simple - every person plays two character. Rather than create a Journal simply for use in this RP, you use your primary journal instead and RP as yourself for your first character. Your second character, following OMG traditions, is an Out of Character clone of another person. The idea behind them is that they act as differently from their In Character forms as is possible.

Regarding the OOC characters - positions for the OOC characters are assigned at random, and no-one may play their own OOC. At all times two OOCs will be unassigned. If a new member joins the RP, then the oldest member who was previous unassigned will randomly be given one of the other two people to play. OOC positions will be advised directly.

Standard rules of RPing apply - no godmodding (despite how unlikely that is considering that we're RPing as ourselves), no powerplaying, and general respect and civility given to all members, at all times. Any questions or comments can be directed to Jake Delfeir at jake.delfeir@gmail.com.