Spinning Through Time

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*pokes at a plothole with a ruler she found*


*sticks it through, pulls it back*


*tries to tap the edges*



*tries again, gets completely different results*

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karel; a cloud hangs over

You people are NOT breaking into my room again.

*has set up a complex set of lasers and trip wires across her doorway*

And this should stun anyone long enough for me to get here... *places tazer on shelf, pointing at door*

*continues connecting wires and such, setting the tazer to go off if anything is tripped*

*sets up a security camera*

That should keep anyone unwanted out. Amazing what you can find in this place. *surveying her work*

And, with this, I can activate it at will... *drops modified garage door opener into pocket*

Might want to warn people, though. *puts sign on door stating that the room is indeed under surveilance and guarded*

Now... to find more food. *leaves room, activating security system*
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Upper Floors

*is now in the upper floors after chasing Daito* ......Hmm, there is no lights here. *grasps the bokken tightly with the right hand,and puts flashlight on left, lighting the area, and goes forward. *

..This is very not good. *takes the cloth rag he used for the bokken storing, puts the flashlight on his head, and ties it to his head tightly with the cloth rag, making a type of head-flashlight, and grasps the bokken with both hands, narrowing his eyes*

Thievery is Fun!!

*now in a rogue outfit*

I think I been playing Fire Emblem: The Scared Stones way too much now…

Oh well, that means I can pick and steal hehehe…

Might as well help people with too much stuff.. *lock picks into someone’s room*

I don’t know who’s hotel room is this, but oh well… *looks for stuff to steal*

On to the next room! ^_^;;
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karel; a cloud hangs over

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*in Yuan outfit, complete with dyed-blue hair*

*humming as she enters the convention building*

This is gonna be... Huh? Where is everyone? I'd think there would be a bazillion people here...

Did I miss it? Is it over or something?! Well, looks like they left everything here. Pillage and plunder!

*runs off to liberate all left behind items, cape flying behind her*
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Vyc, Musicality., Under the mock orange tree.

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*is suddenly vomited forth from a gigantic plothole*

*crashes into the opposite wall*

*lies there for a few moments, before picking herself up*

...Well, I'm back. From...I think it was Tokimeki Memorial or some dating sim. Now that was a nightmare. Spending three solid weeks in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform while trying not to flash anyone and fending off boys is not fun.

...And why is my hair blue, now?
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Stare you down

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... I just realised something.

Everyone in OMG Symphonia, it is real.

That means we've been toying with emotions, and we've caused some of our favourite people plenty of emotional pain. Do you realise how bad that is?

We've conciously hurt many many real people time and again.
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My spiritual friends, as you all know, trouble is brewing within this hotel and I feel that it is necessary to teach ourselves some defences against any dangers or evil beings we may encounter.

From now, I am willing to teach anyone interested some minor spells and possibly some more powerful ones if I decide to continue.

Hopefully, if there are enough who want to learn, I can create a new coven and our power will become greater, great enough to stop whatever is causing this.

So, who would like to learn?
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Lets get this meeting started

...Guess it's up to me to step up.

Um. Hello, everyone. *stands up and waves one of her arms*

We're all gathered here..today.. to erm, discuss our situation. It's probably best if none of us went anywhere alone, so we should probably assign.. groups or something.

None of us seem to know how to get out of here, we can only hope this place isnt like.. House or something, but I doubt that's even a possibility.

Um.. the best we can do right now is.. enjoy each other's company and try to figure out ways to get out eventually. But don't panic, or anything. I mean, we can.. have fun. Without panicing. Erm... yeah.
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